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Analytical Measurement

In order to ensure compliance with Environmental protection standards across industrial activities, consistency in product quality, safety and still maintain process optimization, industries require accuracy and consistency in measurements of various liquids used in their production. As such ASL gives a comprehensive range of products for all liquid analyzer parameters. Liquids such as dairy products, water, beverages, chemicals need to be analyzed on a daily basis and thus working with ASL, customers who require such services will be fully supported through our end to end service driven by edge cutting technologies and knowledgeable team of experts.

We provide State of the Art communication interfaces and protocols which enables seamless integration of our devices into the process and plant asset management of our customers. Working with ASL affords you the experience of a lifetime with our High precision instruments you are assured of increased product yield, improved quality of products as well as process safety. Our Analytical measurements span from pH Sensors and Transmitters, Oxygen Sensors & Transmitters, Conductivity sensors & transmitters, Turbidity sensors & transmitters among many others.

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