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Level Measurement

ASL provides a range of Instruments and solutions for continuous level measurements as well as point level detection in liquids and bulk solids. Plant safety, commercial efficiency as well as consistency in product quality are at the core of any level measuring point and business. ASL offers a broad range of measuring principles to its customers for levels in liquids,  pastes, bulk solids and liquified gases. These media are mostly measured in tanks, silos and movable containers and as such may require continuous, interface and density measurement as well as point level detection. 


ASL affords its customers full business support from the point of planning, commissioning as well as maintenance of measuring points. We ensure that the right solution, instrument and approach is adopted for each measuring task. As an industry leader we work with top brands such as Endress+ Hauser to provide these accurate and efficient solutions to our customers in various industry segments. Some of the products for level measurement we provide include but are not limited to ; Radar, Guided radar, Hydrostatic, Ultrasonic, Vibronic point, Differential pressure, Microwave barrier level measurement among many others.

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